GPS Repair Services

   Important update! If you need a hardware repair (example: cracked screen): as the cost of parts+labor would exceed its value, we no longer service GPS hardware. We do perform software repair attempts (example: unbrick/unlock/upgrade/reset) and data recovery. EFATECH Gps is your number one provider for GPS repair services nationwide. We are a household name for computer repair services in the area, and are glad to help you with your GPS repairs.

GPS Repair

   Handheld GPS-Navigation units are defined as any hand held unit that can be moved from one vehicle to the next. An item that can be purchased through a retail outfit. OEM Navigation units are defined as any unit that is a factory option for any vehicle. These units are typically in-dash or trunk mounted units that are installed in a vehicle by a dealer.

   There is no need to discard a GPS device because the charging port / USB port is not working properly. The port usually comes loose if it has been exposed to repetitive strain or if the device was dropped while the USB cord was connected to the device. If you would like this port to be repaired, we can help you.

   Here at Efatech Gps, the top provider for computer repair services nationwide, offers handheld GPS units and NAV system repairs at affordable rates.

Here are some of the most common GPS repairs we encounter:

• GPS broken USB socket / connector

• GPS broken LCD screen

• GPS battery replacement

• GPS software updates

• GPS software reinstallation

• GPS map upgrades

   Efatech Gps is ready to handle all your GPS repair needs using service technicians that have unmatched qualifications and experience. With a complete inventory of parts from industry manufacturers, we can offer complete repair and service on any make and model of GPS systems, and much more. All you have to do is bring your equipment to our shop and we will have your GPS system properly serviced and quickly returned to you at the lowest prices in the industry.

   The experienced technicians at Efatech Gps are the best in the industry. Even the most experienced technicians require constant training and updates. Our service staff receives constant training and has access to a comprehensive library of technical data, manuals, bulletins and are scheduled for frequent in-house training sessions. You can trust the technicians at Efatech Gps with your GPS repair – they will know exactly what to do in any situation. Contact us and find out more.

GPS Brands:

• Garmin GPS repair

• Magellan GPS repair

• Tomtom GPS repair

• Audiovox GPS repair

• Piranha GPS repair

• Bushnell GPS repair

• Navking GPS repair

• Navitech GPS repair

• Delphi GPS repair

• Xetec GPS repair

• Tomtom GPS repair

• Harmon Kardon GPS repair

• Hewlett Packard GPS repair

• LG GPS repair

• Lowrance GPS repair

• Mitac GPS repair

• Mio GPS repair

• Nextar GPS repair

• Pioneer GPS repair

• Alpine GPS repair

• Sanyo GPS repair

• Sony GPS repair

• Next GPS repair

• ViaMichelin GPS repair

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